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Zerowaste® Moisture Perfect Hose Vacuum Drying Function

The largest source of error when performing a dew point measurement is produced by moisture embedded in the hose lining.

During a gas measurement, the moisture in the hose diffuses into the gas stream. The gas on which the measurement is being performed may need to flow for some time before the moisture level in the gas stream has reached an equilibrium equivalent to the moisture content of the gas stream. The operator of SF6 measuring equipment requires reliable and repeatable data in a reasonable time frame. The hose vacuum feature means that the hose can be pre-evacuated so that moisture and other contaminants present, can be removed prior to the start of the measurement cycle. The “Moisture Perfect Hose Vacuum Drying Function” generates a vacuum of approximately 800mbar inside the hose. This is equivalent to reducing the pressure down to 200mbar (20kPa from 1 bar).

This product is available as an additional feature with new Zerowaste® units or as an upgrade retro-fitted to existing units. A Firmware upgrade is required to add the “Moisture Perfect Hose Vacuum Drying Function” to menu options. Technical notes are available upon request.