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Smartfill SF6 Filling & Topping Up System

The smartest…

With constantly changing regulations governing SF6 inventory and usage, measurement and control is essential. This smart solution significantly improves upon SF6 gas handling practices used throughout the industry worldwide.


  • Accurate Measurement
    precise measurement and control of SF6 gas used in the filling and topping up operations of electricity substation maintenance, utilises a traffic light system for indication during fill/top-up

  • Complete Traceability
    automatic datalogging with USB connectivity, records show exactly how much SF6 gas has been used during these procedures. When finished, it shows the end pressure and total SF6 gas utilised

  • Portable and Fully Automated
    WiFi connectivity for remote operation and GPRS/MiFi (mobile WiFi). Battery operated for at least 5 hours. With set parameters and simple operation – press “Go” and Smartfill carries out its filling and topping up protocols with complete automation and precision

  • No Waste – No Leakage
    fills and tops up equipment with the exact amount of SF6 gas required.


  • effective controls on SF6 inventory and usage
  • accurate monitoring and transparency of information
  • improved handling practices and standards
  • compliance with regulation
  • enhanced safety
  • maximum asset utilisation
  • minimum environmental impact
  • reduced maintenance costs.