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Smartfill – Continuous SF6 Top-Up Manager

The 24/7 leak manager…

A unique SF6 “live topping up” device, designed for managing leakage of SF6 from circuit breakers and other plant, minimises SF6 released in exceptional circumstances, where the asset has to remain in service and operational.


  • Auto Top-Up
    to achieve “live topping up” the unit is continually attached to the gas zone in order to manage the gas pressure within a small pressure range i.e. 3.3 – 3.4 Bar. “Auto top-up” will occur when pre set alarm pressure levels drop below the lower limit

  • Automated Pressure
    maintained between defined upper and lower limits preferably just above alarm level

  • Remote Start Up
    operator able to start the top-up remotely via WiFi (option)

  • Data Logging
    text message sent to operator upon completion. Data including operator, site, equipment, mass and time is sent to ftp web server automatically (option)

  • Automated Shut Down
    unit shuts off when target pressure is reached

  • Fail Safe
    pipe work has a check valve at the zone end, pressure comparison either side and shut down. There is also a safety relief valve within the unit


The Smartfill Continuous Top-Up Manager is designed for minimising unwanted release of SF6 into the environment.

In the event of exceptional circumstances where the asset, i.e. switchgear, has to remain in service without repair, the unit can be continually attached to a gas zone and maintain the pressure between a comparatively small range, e.g. 3.2-3.3 Bar. Using the Continuous Top-Up Manager results in a noticeable reduction in SF6 usage, therefore saving SF6 costs and inventory.

The top-up operation will be similar to the Smartfill Massflow unit, except there is a smaller pressure deviation and continuous capability i.e. the Smartfill will automatically start each time pressure runs under the lower limit.

Principle of saving SF6 gas using the Smartfill