Site Services

  • EMT SF6 leak repair and asset sealing services
  • Onsite high voltage discharge cable testing

EMT Site Services provide clients with high quality solutions including SF6 leak sealing and corrosion treatment technologies for flanges and pipework, and onsite solutions for identifying and locating leaks, and repair of these.

  • Leak repair
  • Corrosion control (existing installed equipment)
  • Corrosion and asset protection coatings (new equipment)

We appreciate the importance of maintenance teams getting the right test equipment at the right time to meet the demands of busy maintenance schedules. That’s why the team also offer a range of hire equipment for clients who have urgent or short-term instrumentation requirements:

  • The most technologically advanced SF6 testing equipment on the market
  • Smartfill MFU for filling & topping up
  • Smartweigh for filling & topping up
  • Smartfill CTU for leak management
  • Zerowaste analysers for SF6 purity analysis
  • The equipment you need, when you need it
  • Simple, affordable, responsive and reliable

Onsite HV cable testing of underground transmission and distribution power cables:

  • Testing of export cables 132-400kV with compliant IEC 60840 ‘after installation HV AC testing’
  • Offshore Wind Farm Testing of Array Cables 33-66kV with compliant IEC 60840 ‘after installation HV AC testing’
  • Contract Cable Testing Services

We offer high voltage cable discharge testing services using the latest DAC technology, allowing us to test extremely long cables; our record so far is 31km, but we know cables as long as 100km have been tested with this technology. So if it’s cable testing equipment you need, or a team of qualified specialists to carry out testing for you, consider us your ‘go-to’ solution.

After laying, testing and diagnosis of newly installed, repaired or service-aged (E)HV cable systems is key to the successful operation of transmission networks. DAC voltage test and diagnostic measurements by Partial Discharges and Dissipation Factor (Tan Delta) provide reliable detection of poor installation; failures due to inappropriate laying; failures in accessories; and deterioration in cable insulation due to ageing. It allows much more than a simple “go or no-go” decision. DAC testing is an advanced maintenance tool which supports asset management and grid operation.

Faults in cable connections, terminations and joints can cause several issues including project delays and cost overruns. Systematic testing and diagnosis during manufacturing, transportation, installation and operation can address the issues of cabling costs and losses, reducing the possible risks of failure during operation.

One simple single test:

  • localise multiple cable defects
  • online live PD mapping meets IEC 60270/IEC 60885-3/IEEE 400.3 standards
  • fully integrated dissipation factor measurement at DAC voltages up to 2.0 U0
  • fingerprinted for quality control
  • comprehensive testing in-line with IEC 60840/IEEE 400/IEEE 400.4/CENELEC HD 620

Advantages and benefits of this method are that it provides operators with a lightweight, portable and simple way to apply technology and with low energy consumption on site, it offers a small footprint for test equipment. Application takes just a few hours with results available the same day, so cable shut-down time and personnel are minimal during testing.

Alongside cable testing technology solutions, we deliver national, comprehensive on-site contract cable testing services for newly installed MV, HV and EHV, transmission and distribution power cable management programs, providing an additional resource to your asset management team including:

  • Inspection and complete post installation cable condition assessment
  • High voltage, PD localisation and dissipation factor estimation in one service
  • Fault identification and location of any defects in the insulation of the cable system and accessories
  • Ancillary testing services including cable leak detection and partial discharge monitoring
  • Flexible service schedules to accommodate changing installation programs

Contact our Site Services team to discuss your requirements.