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EMT Universal Fittings Kit

Complete kit containing fittings required for the connection of SF6 gas analysers to most commercially available SF6 switchgear and circuit breakers, housed in a robust portable case.

• Swagelok Female Hanson Female
• Swagelok Male DN6
• Swagelok Male Hanson Female
• Swagelok Male DN8
• Swagelok Male DN20
• DN7 Female
• Swagelok Male 38 BSP Female
• Swagelok Male 34 BSP Male
• Swagelok Male Hanson Male
• Swagelok Male 14 NPT Male.

We can supply fittings for the following manufacturers:

• Siemens
• Schneider
• Hyundai
• Hyosung including all DN range
• Hanson
• Staubli
• Malmqvist.

Low Pressure Operating Option (0.1 Bar)

EMT offers a low pressure operating option that will allow gas samples with pressures as low as 0.1 bar to be measured by the Zerowaste®. An additional internal pump is fitted that helps draw the sample gas into the sensor compartment. The Low pressure option can be retro-fitted to existing units.

12 Bar High Pressure Option

EMT offers a high pressure option that will allow gas samples with high pressures to flow at a maximum of 12 Bar. The gas sampling inlet manifold is replaced with a high pressure manifold capable of handling a higher gas pressure. The pressure is monitored by a pressure transducer that has a range up to 12 bar. The internal pump that pumps back the gas is also replaced for a compressor pump that is capable of pumping the gas back to compartments with pressures as high as 12 Bar.

IR Sample Hose

EMT Zerowaste® and Asserolyz-IR™ use a 2m sample hose. The sample hose has an inner PTFE tube with an internal diameter of 2mm through which the gas flows. The hose is protected with a braided steel outer sheath. The hose is terminated in a DN7 male fitting (for connection to the Zerowaste® Gas Sampling port and a ½” Quick Connect Female Swagelok fitting for connection to the gas insulated switchgear (via an EMT adaptor fitting).

ir-sf6-analyser-ir sample hose

Funnel for Filter Refill

Tool used to fill the external filter tube with filter material – used with Asserolyz-IR™ and Zerowaste®.


Shoulder Harness

The shoulder harness allows the user to carry the Asserolyz-IR™ around with maximum comfort leaving their hands free to do other tasks.

Leak Detection Probe

The flexible probe is provided with all units ordered with leak detection option. It plugs into the Purge Filter Port of the instrument through a coiled tube that is extendable to 1 metre.

Carry Case

The carry case protects the Asserolyz-IR™ during transportation and travel and has moulded sections to accommodate the Asserolyz-IR™ as well as all accessories. A large pocket, fitted to the lid, is also provided to accommodate tubing and other components for use with the instrument.