EMT assero Oil Analysis & Handling

At EMT, we can help you get the most from your valuable asset by discussing your issues and providing appropriate cost effective solutions to meet your needs. Whether your requirement is portable or engineered, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through partnerships with industry professionals. We are confident that we can help you achieve your asset management objectives.

Our assero range of Oil and SF6 testing products are world leading technologies, developed with industry professionals from around the world with many years of experience in this field, so that our clients can make a more informed choice.

Our team of experienced professionals have spent many years developing answers to the problems faced within this industry and we are confident that we will have a solution that suits your needs.

Analysis plays a vital role in determining the condition of transformers and other assets. Monitoring the condition of the oil can help prevent sudden faults whilst protecting and preserving the general condition of the plant, and should therefore be part of any predictive maintenance programme.

EMT’s portfolio for oil analysis and handling ensures the best possible conditions for the avoidance of transformer deterioration. Products included in this range are the H2OP Portable Moisture in Oil Meter and TAN (Total Acid Number) Titrator.