Leak Detection Products

The greatest source of SF6 emissions is obviously through leaks caused by degradation of SF6 containing assets. There have been huge leaps forward surrounding leak monitoring, with the changes to a GWP based measurement of greenhouses gases it’s meant that where previously leak detection systems weren’t needed, they are now. Extra measures must be taken on board to contain the gas e.g. locating, quantifying and recording leaks.

If a leak is found during a mandatory leak check, it must be repaired without undue delay and the leak test repeated within one month to ensure the repair was effective.

EMT have a range of products for leak detection, and these are also available on a hire basis. Once a leak is located, quantified and recorded, we have the capability to repair that leak for you too.

An automatic leak detection system is defined as a “calibrated mechanical, electrical or electronic device for detecting leakage of F-Gases which, on detection, alerts the operator or a service company of any leakage”.

There are some advantages to installing fixed leak detection systems, in that the time frame requirement to check for leaks is double, saving operators time, effort and cost. These leak detection systems provide early warnings to operators of leaks and alert personnel to evacuate if the leak is sizable.

Ideally assets will never leak, to meet this goal, preventative maintenance is crucial. EMT also has a range of corrosion control and anti-corrosion protective coatings, designed to protect the asset from the environment and ensure a leak never occurs. This can be applied to brand new assets or used to prevent existing assets further deteriorating to the point of failure.

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