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Infra Red SF6 Analysis – Zerowaste®

The world’s most advanced SF6 Analyser… bringing the laboratory to the field

The Zerowaste® is the world’s first SF6 impurity gas analyser to combine the following features:

Simultaneous SF6 measurement of up to 11 parameters

  • uses advanced infrared absorption technology to measure SF6, H2O, HF, R12 and CF4 in addition to SO2, CO and H2S with electrochemical cell, bringing laboratory-standard measurement to the field

  • fully battery operated (minimum 8 hours) even during gas pump back

  • automatic sampling of up to 5 sequential measurements

  • automatic pump back for sampled gas (user-selectable)

  • automatic start of measurement upon detection of gas connection (user-selectable)

  • minimum amount of gas drawn of typically 250cc per measurement cycle

  • time programmable moisture purge for highest quality H2O measurement

  • fully upgradeable – easy addition of more sensors

  • innovative and patented modular design that allows the measurement of the largest number of gases offered in the market

  • optional SF6 leak detection probe

  • full colour touchscreen display with user friendly interface

  • data logging

  • user-selectable methods to display compliance with different industry standards including IEC/CIGRE.

This has been made possible by utilising some of the best experience and knowledge in gas sensing, spectroscopy and product design and an extensive knowledge of the SF6 impurity market.

Zerowaste® 3 Gas Analyser

EMT offers a complete range of analysis and handling instruments designed to meet the varying application requirements of Testing & Maintenance in SF6 gas filled equipment.

Our technologies are used in T&D networks of switchgear and circuit breakers around the world for the analysis and testing of all parameters associated with SF6 gas quality. EMT offers 3 Gas Analysis on 2 of its models: Zerowaste® and Asserolyz-IR™.

The “Zerowaste® 3 Gas Analyser” first analyses the gas and then stores the gas in an internal storage facility. There is no cross contamination between the gas analysed and the gas stored as the analysis is done prior to storage. Gas emissions are virtually eliminated and when the storage is full, the gas can be pumped either automatically (if selected) or manually, back to the breaker or a waste vessel for gas recycling.

In addition, the instrument provides an accurate measurement of the breaker pressure (0.5 bar to 10 bar 7 to 145 PSI) through a manifold gas entry port which also regulates the internal pressure of the gas inside the analyser. A leak detection probe can be included as an option together with the export of logged data through a USB. The “Zerowaste® 3 Gas Analyser” provides a cost effective solution for measuring SF6 quality.