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EMT SF6 APM Auto Pump Back Module

Auto SF6 Pump Back Module – APM

A low cost solution for compliance with environmental SF6 regulations, the EMT APM works with existing SF6 analysers at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.

Are you considering changing your existing SF6 analyser to comply with new regulations on zero SF6 emissions?

Do you have a fleet of SF6 analysers (DILO, WIKA, COSA, GE units or others) which do not pump back measured SF6 after analysis?

Do you have problems sourcing SF6 capture and disposal vessels?

The APM Auto SF6 Pump Back Module is portable, self contained, efficient and simple to use, and allows you to keep your existing fleet of SF6 analysers as an asset WITHOUT the large capital cost associated with buying a new fleet of compliant pump back SF6 analysers.

Advantages of the APM Auto SF6 Pump Back Module:

  • Designed for use with the Asserolyz-IR SF6 gas analyser and any other non pump back SF6 gas analysers
  • Collects and stores measured SF6 gas after analysis
  • Stored SF6 gas can be pumped back to any SF6 compartment or sample/waste vessel 
  • Optional Hose Vacuum Drying Function
  • Fully portable operation that works with or without AC supply for up to 50 pump backs
  • Housed in a robust IP67 rated Peli case complete with lid organiser for accessories