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Assero H20P Portable Moisture in Oil Meter

Assero H20P – The very best for moisture in oil

Delivering the very best analysis results, the H20P has been developed in response to customer feedback both in laboratories and in the field, offering a highly accurate moisture meter for the measurement of H20 in insulating oils down to 1ppm / 100%. Portable, robust and easy to use, the microprocessor controlled H20P offers versatility for both lab and field applications.

Simple to Use

  • One button operation for analysis, fully automated
  • 10 user programmable methods
  • Results in ppm, mg/kg, % & µg water

Performance & Results

  • Unique hermetically sealed glassware, low drift cell design eliminates any outside atmospheric moisture entering the cell, for heightened sensitivity and performance
  • ‘Quick Connect’ system hermetically seals the glassware without the need for costly grease or Teflon sleeves for trouble free assembly and maintenance
  • Automatically compensates for errors (patented technique)
  • Built-in software package with multi language display and printer
  • Conforms to ASTM D1533, D4928, D6304, IP386, IP438, API MPMS Chapter 10.9, IEC60814, ISO 10101-3, 10337 & 12937

Spares & Accessories

Supplied ready for operation complete with comprehensive glassware pack including electrodes, glass titration vessel, leads, syringe, printer paper, calibration certificate and 5 year warranty


Specially formulated to provide optimum performance with all makes and models of coulometric Karl Fischer titrators, our unique reagents provide improved sample miscibility and solubility. The reagent pack comprises 8 single shot screw top bottles containing 100ml anode charges and 8 easy snap ampoules of 5ml cathode charges.