EMT Launch New Product at Doble – Digital SF6 Gas Cylinder Heater Blanket – Zerowaste SF6+

Doble provided the ideal opportunity to launch EMT’s new product to the US market. Home to some of the world’s largest utilities, we were confident that T&D maintenance personnel undertaking multiple maintenance tasks would be interested in our latest innovation aimed at reducing the cost of replacement gas cylinders by making existing cylinders more efficient.

EMT’s Digital SF6 Gas Cylinder Heater Blanket – Zerowaste SF6+ addresses the issue of residual gas invariably left in cylinders unused – typically 25% wastage. This new product saves considerable investment, as heating the cylinder with the blanket evaporates the gas to enable the full content to be used, thus increasing the efficiency of the cylinder, which over the course of multiple maintenance tasks, amounts to significant savings compared to the cost of buying replacement gas cylinders.

We had a number of positive discussions with several major utilities keen to introduce this method in their testing.

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