EMT in close co-operation with OnSite HV Group, EDS HV Group and JDR Cable Systems recently delivered a hugely successful workshop at the Luton Hoo Estate

Many of the world’s leading test engineers from power utilities, cable contractors and cable manufacturers participated in the workshop on offshore power cables, modern testing and diagnosis, and we’re pleased to report the event was well received by all in attendance.

The program delivered a number of presentations on latest developments in the field of onsite testing and diagnosis of offshore power cables from key speakers including: Prof.dr.hab. Edward Gulski, CEO OnSite HV solutions ag and Luke Bishop, Engineering Director EDS HV Group, who provided some valuable feedback from the field on offshore projects, new installations and repairs. A highlight of the day was the launch of the unique DAC 100 kV system for offshore testing and diagnosis demonstrated by Dr. Rogier Jongen, Technical Manager OnSite HV solutions ag.

During the day Luke Bishop Engineering Director of EDS HV Group commented “We were very pleased to share our knowledge as speakers at this excellent and informative event, hosted by such dynamic and knowledgeable organisations as EMT and OnSite HV. The day was well organised and provided a platform for some excellent debate which will help to inform future strategy on offshore testing solutions of array cables up to 66kV and export cables up to 500kV…

…It is extremely exciting that EDS can deploy this new technology from OnSite HV and EMT for testing offshore 66kV systems and provide the industry with a means of compliant IEC 60840 ‘After Installation HV AC Testing’ for the first time.”

Following the event Neil Kane MD of EMT said “We expect 2019 to be a successful year for EMT and the OnSite HV partnership. Damped AC technology provides a modern solution for on and offshore cable testing and diagnosis, and we look forward to working on further projects with EDS as well as other leading companies in the industry.”

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