Leak Detection


Commitment to engineering and R&D is one of our main drivers. We have some amazing projects going through engineering at the moment, some of which started out from an idea scribbled on the back of a post it note. As a fast and nimble organization we are able to satisfy individual client needs where others cannot; and as such some of the projects we build are highly specific to an individual clients requirement and demands.

At EMT we pride ourselves on being an innovation leader in this market with products such as the Rapide+ which offers 1 minute SF6 gas analysis. We are always ready to listen to clients and what they would like or need for their network.

If you can’t find what you want or need then speak with us and we will help you achieve your goals.

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EMT Mission Statement: “Re-thinking, re-defining and revolutionising SF6 test and measurement technologies for the electricity T&D maintenance market.”
EMT Mission Statement