EMT are globally recognized as an innovation leader in SF6 analysis and management technologies. Our team are dedicated to re-thinking, re-defining and revolutionising SF6 test, measurement and handling technologies for the power generation & transmission industry. Developing EMT ideas and client requests, EMT are experts in delivering groundbreaking advances in technology and providing leaps in client application efficiencies.

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Energy Maintenance Technologies Ltd was formed in 2009. Our team has a combined knowledge of >70 years in the gas measurement and test industry. We are proud members of CIGRE and GEL10 working committees for SF6, UK IEC experts, and members of the working group for IEC 60480 & IEC 60376 revisions. EMT operate global locations for the sales and support of clients, supported by a technical channel partner distribution structure spanning >80 countries.

EMT operate over 5 major product areas which give us the ability to provide a total SF6 management solution.

We manufacture a range of high quality, hi specification SF6 analysers which provide measurements of SF6 purity and levels of contaminants.

Complimenting the analyser range, we have a selection of NIST traceable verification gases which can be used to test the analyser to ensure the best quality measurements every time.

We also provide a range of devices called Smartfill which are designed to help operators initially fill gas compartments to the correct pressures.

We also have a wide selection of gas handling carts for the evacuation of compartments and storage of gas, which is complimented by a wide range of gas fittings such as DN20 and Malmquist, and also heated cylinder blankets  to ensure you get the most from your cylinders.

In this range we also have specialist SF6 cryogenics plant available, designed to allow operators to clean and purify their old SF6 gas themselves, into reusable, within specification, gas for putting back on to the network.

Within our monitoring portfolio we have a range of portable gas safety monitors to protect employees from the dangers associated with SF6 and contaminant gases.

We have a selection of both fixed and portable leak detection systems  to warn employees of a leak and then equip themselves to find it. In this range we also offer a leak management device called Smartfill CTU which provides automated on-demand top-up capabilities in the event of a leak.

And finally, we have the capability to provide onsite solutions such as identifying, locating and repairing leaks Our site services also include  high voltage cable discharge testing using the latest DAC technology.

EMT Product Overview Total SF6 Management Solution

Ultrafast   Zero Emissions 10 Years Rosette



Handheld Leak Detection - EMT SF6 Gas Leak Detector

SF6 Filling and Topping Up System– Smartfill

Ultrafast Infra Red SF6 Analysis - Zerowaste® Rapide+

SF6 Gas Verification – EMT Verify


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