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A long standing relationship with Enervac International ULC complements EMT’s world leading portfolio to include Recovery and Purification Solutions for Power Utilities, Transformer Manufacturers and Transformer Service Companies.

Power distribution and supply systems rely on transformers, and reliable transformer operation depends on the condition of its insulation system, to which transformer oil is integral to insulation, cooling and protection from moisture. To maintain function as a dielectric material, the insulating fluid must have pre-requisite qualities. Transformer oils deteriorate with time – high operating temperatures, the presence of oxygen and water combined with the catalytic action of the materials within the transformer, result in oxidation and cracking of the oil. Preventative measures must be undertaken prior to the oil acidity level climbing, to remove corrosive sulfur from the oil.

The company has been designing and manufacturing Transformer Oil Regeneration Equipment for 23 years. During this time corrosive sulfur has become a prevalent issue and Enervac has been examining the use of transformer oil regeneration for the removal of corrosive sulfur with the help of customers.

EMT offer the ENERVAC E575R Transformer Oil Regeneration System as an extremely cost-effective and environ­mentally acceptable method of extending transformer oil lifetime to over 50+ years! This unique control system allows for 24 hour processing without having to shut the E575R down. The mobile ENERVAC E575R is ideally suited for processing transformers that are either energised or off-load and the skid mounted E575R is well suited for tank farm applications.


Transformer oil regeneration with EMT … 

  • Using the best oil regeneration media - Enervac uses a proprietary oil regeneration media mined and processed in North America that has very similar properties, but also has the ability to be reactivated using a thermal reactivation process and re-used up to 300 plus times. Choosing the correct media mesh size also plays an important role in the regeneration and reactivation process.
  • Ensuring the transformer oil has enough contact time with the media during processing - so it can regenerate the oil efficiently, absorb the contaminants from the oil and perform the colour correction.
  • Eliminating oil channeling through effective column design - the oil regeneration column design is critical to ensure the efficiency and performance of the oil regeneration system, while minimising or eliminating oil channeling. The column should be designed for proper percolation and contact time between the oil and the media. Factors such as column width, proper packing of the media in the column, oil processing speeds and processing methods all play a critical role in eliminating channeling.
  • Adopting a controlled column/media reactivation process - Enervac’s transformer oil regeneration system uses a thermal reactivation process to reactivate the media for re-use, founded on experience that each column should be individually monitored as all columns may not reactivate at the same time or temperature. The entire reactivation and cooling process typically requires 12-16 hours.
  • Including a cutting-edge reactivation waste oil and air emissions scrubbing system - using a properly designed air emissions scrubbing system that meets all environmental air emission regulations is critical to ensuring not only compliance with relevant environmental regulations but to also ensure compliance with relevant health and safety regulations for operations staff.


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