Get the best deal on the market with the new Zerowaste® Rapide+ Ultrafast Infrared SF6 Analyser

  • rapid testing, analysis and results for up to 10 parameters in just 1 minute
  • 5X more productive than any alternative SF6 measurement
  • increases productivity and efficiencies in manpower, time and costs


EMT have just landed a large order for a major utility in the USA and here’s 10 reasons why they chose the new ZWR+ …

  1. has all the outstanding features of the original Zerowaste® Rapide
  2. larger 7” multifunction colour display with new easy to use software
  3. ultrafast ONE minute analysis
  4. low maintenance and reduced cost of ownership
  5. easy to verify and check calibration with EMT Verify cal gas kits 
  6. field replaceable sensors (3 year life)
  7. compliant to new IEC 60376 (2018) and IEC 60480 (2019) standards
  8. lightweight, long battery capacity with improved serviceability
  9. leak detection probe option 
  10. intelligent, real time moisture/dewpoint graph


… and the results in the field

  1. laboratory-standard measurement out in the field
  2. effective controls on inventory and usage 
  3. accurate monitoring and transparency of information 
  4. improved handling practices and standards
  5. compliance with regulation 
  6. enhanced safety
  7. maximum asset utilisation 
  8. minimum environmental impact
  9. reduced maintenance costs
  10. adaptable to changes in SF6 strategy



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